Fairy Red’s Dream:

Greetings to my new and returning human friends. Some of you may have heard about my grandparents brick and mortar store in the Sawgrass Mills Mall decades ago.  The Psychic Fair Emporium was quite famous. I was only a child then and I heard many stories about the products and services they sold, their amazing reputation for customer service, the love they had for each other and their creation of unique events. From time to time, I visited the store.  It was magical. They had thousands of products and loyal customers. They were mavericks and risk takers for their generation, always reinventing themselves. I’m a lot like them, a new breed of independent, entrepreneurial revolutionaries in the present day fairy world committed to expanding our relationships with the human world.

In launching my first ecommerce business, the Psychic Fair Emporium, I will be intuitively channeling my grandparents ideas for products that will be appreciated.  My goal is to create the quintessential online community of like-minded humans, who enjoy buying merchandise that lightens them up and/or enlightens them.

I am a millennial fairy, part of a group that my elders have entrusted to expand our relationship with the human world, making life better.  This is my opportunity to make a difference, one intuitive, spiritual, magical, boho product at a time. Truth be told, I live in my own fantasy world, which I adore and appreciate.  I love being a fairy. I have my moments of joy, confusion and discomfort. Whether I’m going through personal challenges necessary to transform into the adult fairy I will become, one thing that propels me forward… I love going shopping. It is my privilege to shop for you and bring into my store a fantastic array of crystals, dragons, angels, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, jewelry, giftware and more.

Welcome to my world. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs and shopping in the store. Feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts and/or ideas with me via my blog, email or Facebook.

Peace to all,

Fairy Red