I Love Glow In The Dark Stuff!

Two of my human friends went to the country for a little get away. I accepted their invitation to join them. The house was a Victorian mansion far from the city on a long and winding road. My friends brought plenty of groceries, wine, a great playlist and a deck of cards. We were ready to chill, walk in the woods and splash in the river.

After a great dinner and two bottles of Chardonnay, the lights in this huge house blew out. My friends couldn't find the fuse box, realized there was no generator, couldn't charge their phones to call for help,had no candles to light, and could not find the bathroom. Fairy Red to the rescue! Did you know fairies have glow power?  My glow power is directly connected to my emotions, especially when I'm happy and having a good time. As we were having so much fun, my glow was enough to illuminate the entire house with light, including the bathrooms. My friends really appreciated that!  We left the next day and went shopping in this cute little gas station and found some glow in the dark jewelry and glow in the dark stars for them to be prepared in case the lights ever go out again and I'm not around.



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