Hi! My name is Fairy Red


 Hi!  My name is Fairy Red. I live in the hamlet called Joy, in the South East section of Fairy World.

Decades ago, my fairy grandparents ventured into the Human world. They created the Psychic Fair Emporium, in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, Sunrise Florida.  It was very popular and known throughout the Human Realm. After 17 years they closed the store and returned to the Fairy World.

High Speed Internet has finally reached the hamlet of Joy, Fairy World. Now I can recreate my fairy grandparents’ vision and digitally bring back The Psychic Fair Emporium to the Human World. So begins my quest to discover and make available fabulous products that will touch, tickle, empower and bring Joy to Humans.

My fairy grandparents have told me I have their support, and believe that everyone benefits when the Fairy World interacts with Humans.

So begins our journey ... come fly with me!



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