Grandma Mermaid...are you kidding?
As we get to know each other through my blog, I will share about my fairy family.  My fairy grandmother and grandpops were characters and had the most amazing and enviable love story. They met at a hippie happening in Central Park in the 1970's.  Their love for each other was instant and they spent many years dancing through life together.  They had two sons.  When their oldest son was getting married on the beach, grandma decided to surprise the wedding party. She put on her mermaid tail, (the original cosplayer), and made her grand entrance swishing out of the Atlantic ocean. Everyone loved the idea... except the bride and groom.  After many apologies, grandma realized she had to control her appetite for being too outrageous and needed support from grandpops to tone it down.  For her birthday, grandpops gave her a silver mermaid tail necklace reminding her lovingly, to be a bit more subtle with the kids! Oopps!



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