Chakra Balancing

So what does it mean to balance chakras and why is it important?  Even Fairy Red  has moments of feeling light headed, chocolate deprivation or at a loss for the right words.  That's the reason I always travel with my chakra crystals. The chakras are 7 spiritual energy systems located throughout the body.  Each chakra relates to a specific body area and is believed to influence the physical body, the emotions, and psychological and spiritual states of mind.  When the chakras are not aligned, or out of balance, energy in these areas can create temporary blockage. 

When humans invite me to share my magical abilities, I always incorporate crystals to create healing energy while assisting my human friends to find balance in their body. I use crystals effectively to locate harmony and balance and teach my human friends how to meditate and practice yoga.  One of my favorite gifts to give my friends is a chakra bracelet,  Always a perfect for realigning blocked chakras and maintaining a happy, healthy and vibrant energy.



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